The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Students’ Participation in school growth and development

Skyline School Muguga has gone through a process of growth and development characterized by the expansion in infrastructure and the growth in the numbers. The infrastructural growth has seen the establishment of an elaborate administration block, a two- floor dormitory, and nine classrooms excluding circulation rooms, a science lab and library. The school has a multipurpose hall used as the dinning, entertainment as well as the convention hall.

Growth in populations has purely been a concerted efforts between the governance, management, teachers and students.  Word of mouth has been our greatest outreach strategy. School leavers, most of who have positive nostalgic stories to the world out there about Skyline school have been our greatest strength.

The school management also allows students to participate in outreach functions. Participation in the design and development of upcoming initiatives at the school has greatly allowed hybridization of ideas, propositions and pursuits. For instance, students freely invite their peers to Skyline school as they also pay back visits. This is in keeping with the school policies that every innings should be reciprocated with an outing. In other words, for a group to have an out event approved, they must show proof of a successful internal event.  Through such invites, the school gets to be known.

To further get known, the school proactively participates in the local to national competitions, all the way from inter-school quizzes and symposia to award winning entries. On a number of occasions, the school has won trophies at various levels, thanks to the efforts of the students and teachers.

On the other hand, students freely volunteer to be covered in the schools advertorial exposes. That happens through individual and/or group capture while engaging in positive activities in normal or co-curricular events. Most of the outward targeted school briefs therefore have students captured in a variety of activities. That has gone a long way in improving the visibility of the school, which we believe has led to Skyline being a choice for many.

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