Resident director’s Message

Skyline school is advantaged to have one of its directors as an educationist. Sheila Karea Kanyuithia, the resident Director is a seasoned educationist, who started as a secondary school teacher in 1989, and resigned in 2009 to set up the school, now known for her performance and impact in this country. Read her message below;

“It was my hidden ideal to retire into teaching in my own institution. That is why I still go to class and teach boys how to become more responsible Kenyans. Interestingly, some do better in Home Science than some girls I have taught along the way. I enjoy teaching, which also enables me to appreciate the challenges teachers are facing in the changing circumstances of life under increasing modernity. I am also able to frequently participate in designing their menu, to enable them have a nutritious meal that sustains the boys to better perform their daily and emerging duties. Being right at the core of the school, I am also able to identify psychological and professional needs that may affect the schools performance if not quickly addressed.  In the initial years, when the school was setting up short, medium and long term policies, I was instrumental in advising on the structure and the context of the governance, leadership and management of the school.

I have over time tried a lot to delegate my duties. However, the more that happens, the more I feel like that school is slowing taking off and my dream is coming true.

It would be wrong to take the entire glory when the walk has been a very consultative one.  I enjoy significant support from a very professional Board of Directors who were specifically sourced to drive various domains including. The Chairman, one of the investors takes up the Quality Assurance Domain of the academia and infrastructural developments, the school’s Legal matters are taken up by the Board Member who doubles up as the company Secretary of BESCK Holdings Limited, which owns the school, the Board Member in charge of Student Welfare who is a Senior Master at Starehe Boys Centre and the Member in charge of Relational Matters.

To you looking for a school, it will be good to know that no child has joined us and failed to improve on his results. Many parents have come back to thank us. Many call our institution a rehabilitation center, in view of our all-round focus on the child’s development. Please try us.