Our students say

Dylan Ngolo

I have been a student of Skyline School since I joined Form 1.

What did you like about being at Skyline?

“I feel that Skyline gives me a great experience. It molds me towards becoming a good student, to have and maintain good character; to be well behaved, and to stay focused on my future goals. I feel lucky to be a student here. There is a good, friendly environment. This is the school to be in.”

 What do you do with your time when you are not engrossed in your academics?

 “Skyline offers the option of several co-curricular activities by virtue of its facilities. I play football almost every day. I also enjoy engaging and debating within the Debate Club, and at the school Parliament.

What do you look forward to in the remaining two years of your high school life?

“I am really excited about completing the school syllabus in good time. Our teachers have told us that this is very possible, and it is the first step to getting us ready for Form 4

And what of your plans after you are done with high school? What do you envision

“I would like to become a Politician. Whenever I visualize the future, I always see myself as the Governor of my home county of Taita – Taveta. I feel that this would be the best way to serve the people. Skyline is going to help me acquire the leadership skills I need to make this dream become a reality.”