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Learn about our unique students’ parliament

Skyline school adopted a democratic communication approach that brings together leadership, management, teachers and students to articulate and resolve matters concerning the students. Once every month, precisely on the last Friday of the month, we have a students’ parliament. This forum, a purely student-led democratic process enables students to freely air their disaffection and discontent in a consultative manner, free of any form of intimidation and discrimination. The forum code named “Baraza” is purely interactive and brings together leadership, management and the students to discuss what affects them in the month.

Through their free and open contributions, the school system gets to learn what would be prevailing issues of concern and takes them up. Such issues may not necessarily demand action by teachers but could further trigger action by the management or even leadership. Through this valuable interactive forum, the school is kept in the know of the grievances affecting the students’ body, the malfunction of the teaching and or the management staff and the failure or otherwise of the governance organs. The school community is also appraised on the infrastructural and systems functional shortfalls as well as the noteworthy logistical issues.  The outcome enables those concerned take corrective action on real time basis.

That is one forum that has kept the school intact on matters discipline and free from irrational behavioral attributes common in many other schools. The forum is highly popular with the students and the governance organs as it provides the meeting point for both. It however is not the favorite of those under performing in the system whose ills are often laid bare to the entire school community in highly certain terms.

Some of the visible outcomes of barazas may be summarized as improvements in performance for those whose records are often a subject of discussion with the management and sometimes governance picking out and dealing with obvious deviance as displayed. Through this ‘baraza” the school has learned a lot especially on matters of approaching sensitive issues without causing unnecessary delays and undue harm to those concerned.

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