1   Boarding Facilities:

All students are provided with adequate, modern boarding facilities; ample, clean, spacious quarters as well as modern, clean and easy to maintain washrooms

2   Meals:

The school kitchen and dining area are organized to prepare healthy meals for all students under highly hygienic standards.

3   Tuition:

Each student is offered personalized tuition services, in addition to individualized, secure lockers for their personal effects in classroom and hostels.

4   Special subjects:

Aviation, French, I. T., Power Mechanics and Fine Art among others are an example of the extent to which our staff s prepared to uplift the boys` academic standards.

5 Laboratories:

The school has well equipped, modern science laboratories as well as a computer studies laboratory .

5   Sports:

Skyline school and its coaches offer Athletics, Volley ball, Foot ball, Basket ball, Lawn Tennis, Hockey and Badminton etc on well developed playing fields.

6  Medical and First Aid Assistance

The school has a well equipped, 24 hours dispensary that is accessible to students and residents of our campus at all times.