Situated 30 km from the Nairobi CBD in Muguga, Kiambu County,  Skyline School is a private boys boarding school that teaches the K.C.S.E. syllabus. We are known for providing first rate facilities to support the education of Kenya`s most promising young  minds.

At Skyline, we believe in effective service delivery, identifying and nurturing individual talents of students, counseling services to ensure the emotional development of each of our boys, tolerance, diligence, mutual respect, and cooperation.

As a centre of excellence, Skyline School is guided by the motto; ‘Soaring Higher’.

Skyline`s graduating classes have consistently maintained a class average of B over the past 5 years of the school`s existence, with over 98% of them winning placement in Universities across the world.

Our students have so far garnered acclaim in a variety of disciplines, including sports, music, technology, the arts and Academia.


A good, clean, green atmosphere in the heart of Muguga, Kiambu County makes up the Skyline campus.


The Leadership of Skyline is constituted in such  way that the students’ needs are represented adequately at all levels. Our board of directors, for example, is constituted of 6 members, all of whom are highly educated, with four PhD holders and 2 Masters Degree Leaders.